the Estate

The estate is situated in a green, unpolluted valley on the slopes of Monte Morello, famous since antiquity. It covers an area of approximately 550 hectares, 70 of which consist of specialized olive grooves with 20.000 olive trees of the Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio varieties, surrounded by forests of timber wood and high trunk trees. The land ranges from 250 to 1000 meters in altitude, stretching as far as one of the peaks of Monte Morello. At present, the estate is being converted to organic farming, expressly in relation to the uncontaminated nature of the Volmiano Valley.

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The Fattoria di Volmiano, situated in the locality of Volmiano, a remote valley lying between the slopes of Monte Morello to the north and the Mugello, extends over some 550 hectares in the territories of Calenzano and Vaglia.

The pride of the estate consists of its production of extra-virgin olive oil, cold-pressed with stone grinders. Over 20.000 olive trees are cultivated on the estate, of autochthonous varieties such as Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio, surrounded by forests of timber wood and high-truck trees. The land ranges in altitude from 250 to 1000 meters above sea level, stretching as far as one of the peaks of Florence’s only real mountain. Here the soil is very rocky, consisting of clay and marl above a karst formation, like the entire massif of Monte Morello. The estate, sheltered in a little valley, enjoys a special microclimate, cold in winter but mild in spring and summer, ensuring flowering of the trees at the right moment and excellent ripening, which is the most important factor in producing olive oil of superior quality. Volmiano has two major productions, extra-virgin olive oil of the highest quality, and firewood from its many forests. After the great freeze of 1985, when many dead olive trees had to be cut down, Alfredo Citernesi launched a project for modernizing the estate, which included incrementing the surviving olive groves by planting many new trees. He retained the same balance of varieties, to continue to have the same type of extra-virgin olive oil that had always been the trademark of the estate. He also planted olive trees in extreme environments, such as Mattiano, up to an altitude of 650 meters, where cultivation is difficult and scarce, but produces an olive oil that is very light and fragrant. Due to such difficulties, at Volmiano each tree produces no more than 10/15 kg. of olives, which are harvested in early November. The “Signorino”, as Alfredo Citernesi was affectionately called for his great love of nature and hunting, left the property to his daughter Vittoria and his grandchildren who, mindful of the tradition handed down to them, are continuing a cultivation respectful of the environment; for this reason the property is now being converted to organic farming.

Lapo, as agriculturist, although aware the present need for partially innovative systems of working the land and harvesting, never loses sight of the importance of tradition, and above all, of the superior quality of the olive oil produced in this ancient valley.