Olive Olio

Details & specs...
Label: “Marchesi Gondi” Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Production Area: The Volmiano Estate, at an altitude of about 300-600  meters above sea level, with 70 hectares of specialized olive groves.
Tipology: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
First year of bottling: 1986
Olives variety: Frantoio 50%, Moraiolo 30%, Leccino 20%
History: The Volmiano estate, has a terroir, has always been voted the olive tree, then produces an oil of great value. With the frost of 1986 Alfredo Citernesi, implant the olive groves with the same percentage of variety that has always characterized the valley Volmiano.
Olive harvest: Pick up manually, directly on the plants in November.
Pressing and extracting: Pressed oil cold, with millstones, exclusively of their own olives. The oil is not filtered
View: Bright green tinged with emerald.
Nose: Its aroma is intense, with a hint of green almond and artichoke.
Taste: A first impression is fruity / herbaceous but the ending is slightly spicy.
Food pairing: Approaches with pasta dishes of vegetables, soups, legumes and fish.

Suggested Recipe
Pappa al Pomodoro
The recipe comes from ”La Natura in Tavola Fattoria di Volmiano: ricette e segreti” of Vittoria Gondi Citernesi, edit by Polistampa.
You’ll find the recipe it at the Autumn season between the first courses
For 6 persons: “Pour into a saucepan about a glass of Volmiano olive oil, fry two chopped fine leeks. Add a bottle and a half tomato puree (800 g of pureed) or 1.200 kg of tomatoes cut into small pieces. Add salt, pepper, 4 basil leaves chopped or dry: cook, a normal fire. You should taste, because the last autumn tomatoes can be sour: just in case add a teaspoon of sugar. When the tomato thickened, add 1 liter and a half of broth and wait until it restart to boil: add 500g of chopped stale bread, add a tablespoon of tomato paste, stir and turn off the heat under the pappa, leaving it covered. At the time of serving, warm the papa, stirring and add another 4 basil leaves chopped. Distribute into bowls and finally make a beautiful c with the new olive oil of Volmiano “.